Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love the listening to the rain...

especially at night. I tried to take a picture to give you an idea of how much and how hard it rains here in monsoon season... it resulted in this blurry photo below due to unadjusted camera settings but I actually think it's quite the accurate representation of my experience in India thus far... one big blur.

So many sights, sounds, and people to meet, observe, and interact with every moment of every day.

I'm pretty sure India is on our side and wishing us good luck, and rightfully so. I absolutely love it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Incredible India

I have finally arrived in Mumbai, India... There are so many thoughts in my head right now that I could never possibly maintain your attention for the amy-ramble of a post I have going in my mind at the moment so I'm going to summarize a few highlights...

*Transit: On a plane for over 20 total hours, from DSM to Newark, Brussels and finally Mumbai... there were delays but I was still surprised at how "quickly" we seemed to arrive in India! (ps traveling with a sling is the way to go; discounts on excess baggage, porters helping me around, great new ASB friends watching my back...)

*India: Rain, tuk tuks, honking, umbrellas, COLOR, Poli Market, slippery stone everywhere, movement, saris, accents... (hoping to get out and explore Bandra on foot this weekend with Copernicus, photos to come!!)

*ASB: outlier in education, the right fit, community, inspiring coworkers, helpful staff, accommodating, great welcoming reminder of why we are here and why ASB is the amazing school it is, helped make the transition smooth with set up phones, internet service, stocked fridge, furnished apartment, awesome HP tablets, and drivers picking us up and dropping us off for each part of our orientation...

It still hasn't fully hit me... and I'm still grinning from ear to exhausted ear. Jet lag has hit me though, so I'm going to take a sleeping pill, and head to bed for tomorrows trip to the foreign registry office. Follow this link to watch a YouTube Joe shared with us today that I have watched several times in my anticipation of moving to Incredible India.

Really, truly.. Blessed Beyond Belief.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Someone in India read my blog yesterday!

And that makes me happy. I'm not even there yet... Thank you, whoever you were.

I am not completely satisfied with my ability to blog via my Ipad... but I am praying blogger will get its act together soon and figure out an Ipad friendly app if they know whats good for them.

However. I did notice last night (but haven't played around with yet) the option to add pages. I don't know how long this has been available, but it is a goal of mine to add some of those and spruce this blog up even further.

In the near future. when I have free time. amidst moving to a new country, setting up a new life, and getting ready for my first year of teaching... in the near future :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Testing my iPad blogging skills

My lack of blog posts in the past two weeks is certainly not for lack of updates in my life...but in attempt to be succinct...

Laptop institute.Memphis TN.awesome colleagues and graceland.bought an ipad2. cedar falls send off.sushi with kait.karaoke with family at the hydrant.St. johns prayer support.visits from over 70 good friends.Carlos on Megan's birthday.Christoph arriving from Germany.Harry potter 7.1. Final stages of physical/dentist/arm check up. 2 hour life chat with Niff. Winterset pool. Great night at home with family....

When so much is happening as is currently the case in my life; constantly visiting family, friends, goodbyes, long tea time,
enjoying each of "my last"... I should really have more frequent, short posts but in the whirlwind of everything else in life my blog has gone by the wayside. (especially since I haven't been able to take pics with copernicus the last two weeks)

I am a much better blogger, I swear. I'll focus back in and make the next entry better, promise.

4 days.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Never have I ever...

I have never in my life broken a bone before... before last nights bike ride to yoga that is.

I've had a great couple of weeks visiting family; seeing my grandparents in Arkansas and Oklahoma, 80-35 music festival in Des Moines with MegKamm, Silo demolition at the Andersens....

I was home in Winterset again for a few days and Kayla had told me about a yoga studio in town so I decided to buy a mini pass to hit up as many classes as possible before I fly out the 26th. As I was biking to the evening yin yoga class last night my gears made a funny noise as I switched down and I quickly looked down to my right to see the chain off track. Unfortunately... turning my gaze also meant cranking the handle bars... on Christoph's old bike with a very high seat.. my bike ran straight into the curb. and I flew off. onto the cement.

I stubbornly refused to go to the ER last night... claiming it was just a bad sprain that would feel better in the morning...I was supposed to have a physical anyway so if it still hurt I'd have the doc look at it. Well it still hurt. and an hour, 6 x-rays, and a sling later, I walked out of the clinic with a fractured radius wrapped up. The good news is that my first ever bone break is a "good one"... it's not displaced, so I don't need a cast (don't need to figure out where to get a cast cut off when I arrive in Mumbai) but the bad news is that I can't do any lifting.. and currently writing/typing/driving are somewhat challenging.Should make the early morning flight to TN and the following 5 days in Memphis at the technology conference ..interesting to say the least. But not nearly as interesting as packing my four suitcases-not to mention figuring out a carry on option- and actually moving myself to Mumbai.

All I can do is laugh. What a silly silly.. annoyingly dumb.. incident... less than 3 weeks from my flight to India...

Oh. and I missed my dentist appointment as a result of this morning's fun.

Blasted broken bone....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Live a Life Inspired

Less than 4 weeks til my move. I now have my Indian visa and the only thing besides time between myself and that plane July 26 are goodbyes and packing. With all of the traveling and not-working that I've been filling my time with, I've had more than ample opportunity to be inspired... Here are some glimpses of the latest from my studio...