Monday, June 13, 2011

Blessed Beyond Belief: Home from Cairo, Off to India

My art is up at Cup of Joe coffee shop on Main Street in Cedar Falls, Iowa!

I have a collection of photographs and mixed media pieces I've grouped and named my Blessed Beyond Belief: Home from Cairo, Off to India series. The pieces will be on display through July 16 (when I come snag the ones that haven't sold and try to sell them at my farewell party the 17th) for $50 each. I also have oversized postcards and small mixed media prints (Be Glad for Life) available for $3 and $12 each (a convenient $15 for both!).

The pieces reflect some of my more recent mantras in life (Live gracefully, Grow Intentionally, Love Courageously, Navigate Fearlessly, Wander Knowingly, Explore Wholeheartedly, Flourish Daily and Thrive Creatively).... While I don't always notice how cultures I encounter affect me, many of my friends have commented that they see Egypt in them- which I do not deny, as everywhere I have traveled has become an engrained part of who I am. Each piece was created on top of a recycled screen printing screen from the workshops I taught in Chile in 2009 (artists are pack rats and keep eeeeeverything). Included in the pieces as well are colors, fabrics, fragments of maps and old church photographs, designs and text that reflect my personality and the transition I have gone through in the past 6 months of graduating from UNI, substitute teaching in Cedar Falls living the life of a recent grad, traveling around the US and the world, and now getting ready for the biggest transition yet: moving to India and teaching in my own classroom for the first time.

Time and time again, as I reflect on the journey I've made the past 5 years (physically and emotionally) I am struck by this grateful realization that I am blessed beyond belief. I hope that through looking at glimpses of these pieces and reflecting on your own life, you will come to the very same realization.

Hugs from Iowa,

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