Friday, July 29, 2011

Incredible India

I have finally arrived in Mumbai, India... There are so many thoughts in my head right now that I could never possibly maintain your attention for the amy-ramble of a post I have going in my mind at the moment so I'm going to summarize a few highlights...

*Transit: On a plane for over 20 total hours, from DSM to Newark, Brussels and finally Mumbai... there were delays but I was still surprised at how "quickly" we seemed to arrive in India! (ps traveling with a sling is the way to go; discounts on excess baggage, porters helping me around, great new ASB friends watching my back...)

*India: Rain, tuk tuks, honking, umbrellas, COLOR, Poli Market, slippery stone everywhere, movement, saris, accents... (hoping to get out and explore Bandra on foot this weekend with Copernicus, photos to come!!)

*ASB: outlier in education, the right fit, community, inspiring coworkers, helpful staff, accommodating, great welcoming reminder of why we are here and why ASB is the amazing school it is, helped make the transition smooth with set up phones, internet service, stocked fridge, furnished apartment, awesome HP tablets, and drivers picking us up and dropping us off for each part of our orientation...

It still hasn't fully hit me... and I'm still grinning from ear to exhausted ear. Jet lag has hit me though, so I'm going to take a sleeping pill, and head to bed for tomorrows trip to the foreign registry office. Follow this link to watch a YouTube Joe shared with us today that I have watched several times in my anticipation of moving to Incredible India.

Really, truly.. Blessed Beyond Belief.

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  1. I am so very glad to hear that you have made it alright, and that they ASB crew are taking care of you like they would a family member. This chapter in your amazing life story is going to be a great one! After watching the YouTube video, I can see why your first blog is more condensed. I'm sure there was a lot to take in all at once! I miss you soooooo much already, but I cannot wait to hear/read/see more about you and Copernicus' adventures.
    Coming to you you from Incredible Iowa!