Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enter to Learn and to Serve

Today we had our first full faculty meeting at ASB. There was a lovely Indian style welcome ceremony for the new teachers (30% of ASBs faculty are new this year!) followed by intentional time together across all divisions building community and talking about our goals for the coming year. Finally got into my classroom afterwards too-note photo below, i'll be sure to post an after pic once the dust settles-... Due to my fractured radius I'm not allowed to lift much (some of you-especially my principal Joe-are teasing me about wearing a sling to avoid work but actually it's really frustrating to not be able to fully unload and investigate all of the items in the art room myself). My schedule is daunting... and the space issue is much more a problem than I realized... but hey... in one week we'll have kids filling our spaces to the brim.. and that's when th
e magic happens.

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